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Propriétés à vendre et à louer à Benimussa

The Benimussa valley is one of the most picturesque landscaped areas of Ibiza with beautiful agricultural grounds filled with carob, fig, almond and olive trees, and is home to Ibiza’s main production of local olive oil.

The campo is surrounded with tall pine forests and sporadic Benimussa country houses with many of them renowned for their traditional beauty and architectural design.  In fact, the large neighbourhood of Benimussa which borders San Antonio is named after one of the islands most historically renowned and statured 14th century houses, ‘The Benimussa Farmhouse’. The scenery is a panorama of outstanding beauty with monuments and old wells scattered throughout the territory.  Buying a property in Benimussa is idyllic for clients looking for an alternative, tranquil life exploring the great outdoors.

Properties for sale in countryside areas guarantee the luxury open space and panoramic views with farmland plots and rustic contemporary living. The Benimussa area is ANEI protected area, meaning no new builds or construction works can take place in the region and therefore maintaining its ecological and agricultural values.

Les plus récentes propriétés à vendre et à louer à Benimussa

Il y a4 Propriétés à vendre et à louer en ce moment à Benimussa




Une maison de campagne traditionnelle avec 250 ans d’histoire, située dans la belle vallée de Benimussa.

Réf : 02918



Villa de charme située dans la paisible vallée de Benimussa

Réf : 02928

Finca Las Adelfas


Belle finca rénovée avec 3 maisons indépendantes dans la zone tranquille de Benimussa.

3 200 000 €
Réf : 7059

Villa Moderna Benimussa


Villa de luxe moderne avec maison d’hôtes dans la paisible vallée de Benimussa

5 250 000 €
Réf : 7006

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